Honda Civic: Check/Tighten Fuel Cap Message - Indicator, Coming On/Blinking - Handling the Unexpected - Honda Civic Owners ManualHonda Civic: Check/Tighten Fuel Cap Message

■ The message appears on when:
An evaporative system leak is detected. This may be caused by the fuel fill cap being loose or not being installed.
■ What to do when the message appears:
1. Stop the engine.
2. Check that the fuel fill cap is fully installed.
If not, loosen the cap, and then retighten it until it clicks at least once.
3. Drive for several days of normal driving.
The message should go off.
■ When the malfunction indicator lamp comes on
Malfunction indicator lamp comes on if the system continues to detect a leak of gasoline vapor. If this happens, check the fuel fill cap using the procedures described above.

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