Honda Civic: Defrosting the Windshield and Windows - Heating and Cooling - Controls - Honda Civic Owners ManualHonda Civic: Defrosting the Windshield and Windows

Pressing the button  turns the

Pressing the button air turns the air conditioning system on and automatically switches the system to fresh air mode.

For your safety, make sure you have a clear view through all the windows before driving.

Do not set the temperature near the upper or lower limit.

When cold air hits the windshield, the outside of the windshield may fog up.

If the side windows fog up, adjust the vents so that the air hits the side windows.

■ To rapidly defrost the windows

1. Set the fan to the maximum speed.

2. Press the 3. Press the  button. button.

3. Press the 4. Set the temperature to maximum warm. button.

4. Set the temperature to maximum warm.

After defrosting or defogging the windows, switch over to fresh air mode.

If you keep the system in recirculation mode, the windows may fog up from humidity. This impedes visibility.

    1. Adjust the fan speed using the fan control dial. 2. Select . 3. Adjust the temperature using the temperature control dial. 4. Press the A/C button (the indicator on). ■ To rapidly c ...

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