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Glove Box

Pull the handle to open the glove box.

Pull the handle to open the glove box.

An open glove box can cause serious injury

An open glove box can cause serious injury to your passenger in a crash, even if the passenger is wearing the seat belt.

Always keep the glove box closed while driving.

    Map Lights
    The map lights can be turned on and off by pressing the lenses. When the ceiling light switch is in the door activated position and any door is open, the map light will not go off when you pr ...

    Console Compartment
    Pull the handle to open the console compartment. Beverage Holders ■ Front seat beverage holders Are located in the console between the front seats. ■ Rear seat beverage holde ...

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    Traffic Jump
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    To temporarily cancel the cruise control
    The cruise control can be temporarily canceled in the following ways. • Push the “CANCEL” button. • Depress the brake pedal. • Depress the clutch pedal (MT models only). • Shift the ...