Honda Civic: Maintenance Safety - Before Performing Maintenance - Maintenance - Honda Civic Owners ManualHonda Civic: Maintenance Safety

• To reduce the possibility of fire or explosion, keep cigarettes, sparks, and flames away from the battery and all fuel related parts.

• To clean parts, use a commercially available degreaser or parts cleaner, not gasoline.

• Wear eye protection and protective clothing when working with the battery or compressed air.

• Engine exhaust contains carbon monoxide, which is poisonous and can kill you.

Only operate the engine if there is sufficient ventilation.

    Safety When Performing Maintenance
    Some of the most important safety precautions are given here. However, we cannot warn you of every conceivable hazard that can arise in performing maintenance. Only you can decide whether or not yo ...

    Vehicle Safety
    • The vehicle must be in a stationary condition. Make sure your vehicle is parked on level ground, the parking brake is set, and the engine is off. • Be aware that hot parts can burn you. Mak ...

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