Honda Civic: Parking Brake - Braking - Driving - Honda Civic Owners ManualHonda Civic: Parking Brake

Use the parking brake to keep the vehicle stationary when parking.

To apply:

To apply:

Pull the lever fully up without pressing the release button.

To release:

To release:

1. Pull the lever slightly, and press and hold the release button.

2. Lower the lever down all the way, then release the button.

Release the parking brake fully before driving. The rear brakes and axle can be damaged if you drive with the parking brake applied.
If you start driving without fully releasing the parking brake, a buzzer sounds as a warning, and "RELEASE PARKING BRAKE" appears on the multi-information display.
Always apply the parking brake when parking.
To prevent the parking brake from freezing when the outside temperature is extremely cold, do not apply it, but do the following:
Automatic transmission models
Put the shift lever in (P, then use a block or other wheel chock to stop the wheels from turning.
Manual transmission models
Put the shift lever in (R or (1, then use a block or other wheel chock to stop the wheels from turning.


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