Honda Civic: Power Windows - Controls - Quick Reference Guide - Honda Civic Owners ManualHonda Civic: Power Windows

Power Windows
Power Windows

● With the ignition switch in ON open, open and close the power windows.

● If the power window lock button is in the OFF position, each passenger's window can be opened and closed with its own switch.

● If the power window lock button is in the ON position (indicator is on), each passenger's window switch is disabled.

    Power Door Mirrors
    ● With the ignition switch in ON, move the selector switch to L or R. ● Push the appropriate edge of the adjustment switch to adjust the mirror. Power Door Mirrors ...

    Heating and Cooling System
    ● Rotate the fan control dial to adjust the fan speed and airflow. ● Press the Mode buttons ( / / / ) to select the vents air flows from. ● Rotate the temperature control dia ...

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    Observe the following when refueling
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    Taillamps, Turn Signal, Stoplamps and Back-up Lamps (Sedan)
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    Using voice control
    System operation The order and content of the voice controls are given in the following lists. The tables show the sequence of user voice commands and system responses for each available function ...