Honda Civic: Precautions While Driving - When Driving - Driving - Honda Civic Owners ManualHonda Civic: Precautions While Driving

In Rain

Avoid driving in deep water and on flooded roads. This can damage the engine or cause electrical component failure.

Other Precautions

If there is a strong impact with something under the vehicle, stop in a safe location.

Check the underside of the vehicle for damage or any fluid leaks.

Do not operate the shift lever while pressing the accelerator pedal. You could damage the transmission.
If the ignition switch is turned to ACCESSORY
LOCK  while driving, the or LOCK engine will shut down while driving, the engine will shut down and all steering and brake power assist functions will stop, making it difficult to control the vehicle.
Do not put the shift lever in
as you will lose, as you will lose engine braking (and acceleration) performance.
During the first 600 miles (1,000 km) of operation, avoid sudden acceleration or full throttle operation so as to not damage the engine or powertrain.
Avoid hard braking for the first 200 miles (300 km).
You should also follow this when the brake pads are replaced.
2.4 ℓ engine models

The following can damage the under spoiler:
• Parking the vehicle by a parking block
• Parallel parking along the road shoulder
• Driving towards the bottom of a hill
• Driving up or down to a different surface level (such as a road shoulder)
• Driving on a rutted or bumpy road
• Driving on a road with potholes.

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