Honda Civic: Recommended Engine Oil - Maintenance Under the Hood - Maintenance - Honda Civic Owners ManualHonda Civic: Recommended Engine Oil

• Genuine Honda Motor Oil • Premium-grade 0W-20 detergent oil with an API Certification Seal on the container.

Oil is a major contributor to your engine's

Oil is a major contributor to your engine's performance and longevity. If you drive the vehicle with insufficient or deteriorated oil, the engine may fail or be damaged.

This seal indicates the oil is energy conserving and that it meets the American Petroleum Institute’s latest requirements.

Use a Genuine Honda Motor Oil or another

Use a Genuine Honda Motor Oil or another commercial engine oil of suitable viscosity for the ambient temperature as shown.

Engine Oil Additives
Your vehicle does not require oil additives. In fact, they may adversely affect the engine performance and durability.

■ Synthetic oil

You may also use synthetic motor oil if it is labeled with the API Certification Seal and is the specified viscosity grade.

    Opening the Hood
    1. Park the vehicle on a level surface, and set the parking brake. 2. Pull the hood release handle under the lower left corner of the dashboard. The hood will pop up slightly. 3. Push up th ...

    Oil Check
    We recommend that you check the engine oil level every time you refuel. Park the vehicle on level ground. Wait approximately three minutes after turning the engine off before you check the oil. ...

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