Mercedes-Benz C-Class: Warning and indicator lamps - Instrument cluster - At a glance - Mercedes-Benz C-Class Owners ManualMercedes-Benz C-Class: Warning and indicator lamps

Warning and indicator lamps
Warning and indicator lamps


     SPORT handling ESP®
    mode in AMG vehicles SPORT handling mode in AMG vehicles
2 Distance warning
4 Brakes (USA only)
5 Brakes (Canada only)
6 Turn signal
9 Check engine
10 Tire pressure monitor
11 Seat belt
12 ESP® on AMG vehicles
13 Coolant
14 Rear fog lamp
15 High-beam headlamps
16 Low-beam headlamps
17 Front fog lamps
18 Reserve fuel

    Displays and controls
    Displays and controls 1 Fuel gauge 2 Coolant temperature 3 Speedometer with segments 4 Multifunction display 5 Tachometer 6 Instrument cluster lighting brightness control: turn clockwise or ...

    Multifunction steering wheel
    Multifunction steering wheel Function 1 Multifunction display 2 Audio system/COMAND; see the separate operating instructions 3 Switches on the Voice Control System; see the separate operating ...

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